Stainless steel Hand Dryer

Stainless steel Hand Dryer

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Jet India hand dryer is an electric device found in public washroom which is operate by button or automatically using an interface sensor. Hand washing is an important part of hygiene, and so an effective method of drying the hands is necessary.

JET Hand Dryer Specification:

1.       Unit Size: W275 x D200 x H230 mm
2.       Material: Stainless steel
3.       Rated Power: 2300(W)
4.       Current: 11.0A/220V or 22.0A/110V
5.       Water Splash poof: IP x 1
6.       Voltage: 110-220v (50Hz60Hz)
7.       Wind Speed: >30m/sec.
8.       Color: Brushed or Shiny

JET Hand Dryer Features:

1.       Quick & Smooth Operation
2.       Low Power Consumption
3.       Longer Operational Life
4.       Lowest Drying Time
5.       Lower Noise Level